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         Geomatics as a growing discipline has gained importance in the recent years. Many organisations, both in the public and private sectors have recently started new ventures and taken up projects in the applications of GIS, GPS, Digital Photogrammetry and other areas of Surveying and Mapping to support planning for sustainable development. It is expected that Infrastructure Development Surveys will be a major activity in the next 5-year plan. Projects of such national importance would require well trained professionals in all the disciplines of Surveying and Mapping. Realising its importance IISM is also gearing up to contribute to the development of human resources. In addition to the courses listed in the course calendar , IISM has also started conducting various Tailor-Made courses to meet the specific requirements Of the user agencies.

         Organisations which wish to avail of this facility and sponsor their candidates may contact us, giving the details such as Number of Participants, Duration of Training, Name of the Course, Topics to be covered, Field Training if any to be included and proposed date of commencement of Training . Details of the activities they are engaged in will help us to design the course appropriately through interaction with client organisation .

         The following are some of the organisations which have already availed the benefits from such courses.

  1. Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad.
  2. Indian Oil Corporation.
  3. Indian Air Force, New Delhi.
  4. CHPC, Chukha, Bhutan.
  5. Geological Survey of India, Hyderabad.
  6. Revenue Department of various States.
  7. National Survey Authority, Oman.
  8. Department of Science & Technology, Gov't of India.
  9. Ministry of Water Resources, Gov't of India.
  10. Ground Water Survey & Development Agency, Gov't of Maharashtra.
  11. ISRO, Bangalore.
  12. DRDO, Hyderabad.
  13. NHPC, Faridabad.
  14. Survey and Land Records Department of various States.
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Forth  Coming events / Latest News  •  Course No.465.08 "GIS Applications" will commence from 04-07-2019 // Course No.690.39 "Control and Detail Survey by GPS and Total Station" will commence from 11-07-2019 // Course No.125.07 "Office Procedure - Overview" will commence from 15-07-2019 // Course No.740.12 "Advanced Course on Digital Cartography & GIS" will commence from 18-07-2019 // Course No.710.33 "Advanced Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing" will commence from 18-07-2019 // Course No.700.27 "Advanced Geodesy" will commence from 18-07-2019 // Course No.340 "Digitization of Cartographic Documents" will commence from 25-07-2019 // For further details please see the "Training Calendar".
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